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What is Pool Automation?
Is it Worth Installing?

Do you dream of spending the summer in the sun, lounging beside a sparkling clean swimming pool? Do you also dream of never having to worry about the maintenance of your pool? If so, you may be shocked to learn that your dream is within reach: you can make your swimming pool virtually maintenance-free through pool automation.

Pool automation refers to using various technologies and devices that automate the care and upkeep of a swimming pool. This includes automatic cleaners, robotic skimmers, and chemical dosing systems. With the power of automation, you can take care of all your pool maintenance tasks with the touch of a button.

Whether you’re looking to maintain water clarity and pH levels or keep your pool sparkling clean, automation can help. But how can you get started? And what elements of a pool should you automate?

In this guide to pool automation, we’ll explore the benefits that automation can bring to your pool and explain how you can easily integrate automated components into your existing pool setup. We’ll also look at various automation styles and what you can do to get started.

What is Pool Automation?

Before diving into the specifics of pool automation, let’s look at what it is.

Pool automation is the use of various technologies and devices that automate the care and upkeep of a swimming pool. This includes automatic cleaners, robotic skimmers, and chemical dosing systems.

With the power of automation, you can take care of all your pool maintenance tasks with the touch of a button – often over a WiFi or Bluetooth connection.

Pool automation can be broken down into these main categories:

1. Cleaning and Maintenance

Pool Automatic Robot Cleaner

Automatic cleaners and robotic skimmers are two examples of pool cleaning automation. 

Automatic cleaners are machines that clean the bottom and sides of your pool by sucking up dirt and debris, while robotic skimmers use brushes to clean the surface of the water. These machines can be programmed to run at certain times of the day, so you won’t have to manually clean your pool every time.

2. Chemical Dosing

Chemical dosing systems are automated devices that maintain a swimming pool’s pH levels and water clarity. These systems work by measuring the chemical levels in the water and then automatically adding the necessary chemicals to balance out the levels. The end result is a pool that’s always in tip-top shape and ready for swimming.

3. Lighting

Backyard Swimming Pool With LED Lights Controlled by Pool Automation System

Automated lighting systems allow you to turn your pool into an outdoor oasis, no matter the time of day. With automated lights, you can control your pool lights’ colors, brightness, and even music from the comfort of your home. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner or throwing a pool party, automated lighting can help set the atmosphere.

4. Other Automation Tools

There are also other elements that can be automated, such as pump timers, temperature regulators, salt water generators and water level sensors. These devices make monitoring and maintaining your pool easier, so you don’t have to worry about constantly checking on it.

What are the Benefits of Pool Automation?

The capabilities of pool automation can seem almost too good to be true. But when it comes down to it, there are a number of benefits that automation can bring to your pool.

1. Save Time and Effort

With automated systems, you can save time and effort that would otherwise be spent cleaning and maintaining your pool. Automation takes the hassle out of pool maintenance, so you can spend more time enjoying your pool instead of worrying about it.

Imagine having to manually clean your pool every time it got dirty. Automated cleaners and skimmers take that responsibility off your plate and put it onto the machines. Just sit back and watch as your pool is taken care of without you having to lift a finger.

2. Improve Water Quality

Hand Testing Swimming Pool Water's pH Balance

Automation can also help to improve the water quality in your pool. With automated chemical dosing systems, you can be sure that the pH levels and chlorine levels are always balanced, so your pool stays clean and safe for swimming.

For instance, if the pH levels in your pool are off, an automated dosing system can quickly add chemicals to bring them back up to a safe level. This works by continuously monitoring the water levels and automatically adding chemicals whenever it senses a problem.

3. Create an Ambiance Everyone Will Love

Your pool and outdoor area can become a beautiful, relaxing oasis with automated lighting. With the help of automated lights, you can create stunning colors and effects that will make your pool stand out from the rest.

You can even program these lights to change colors based on the mood you’re going for or match them to the music playing in your outdoor area. Now just imagine the possibilities that could open up for your next pool party!

Pool automation can bring a lot of convenience, comfort, and style to your backyard. With automated systems, you can save time, effort, and money while creating an atmosphere everyone will love. But there’s one last thing to consider: how much does pool automation cost?

How Much Does Pool Automation Cost?

A common question asked by many pool owners is how much does pool automation cost?

The answer to this question depends on the type of pool automation you’re looking for and the quality of the products. Generally speaking, you can expect to spend anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the features and complexity of the system.

The main cost of pool automation will be for the equipment needed to operate it, such as pumps and sensors. Other costs can include installation fees and ongoing maintenance costs.

But here’s the great thing: once you invest in the initial costs, you’ll have a system that can save you time and money in the long run. Automated systems take the hassle out of pool maintenance and help to keep your pool in top condition for years to come.

So if you’re looking to make life easier around the pool and maximize your enjoyment, then investing in pool automation could be just what you need. With all of the time, effort, and money it can save you in the long run, it’s an investment worth considering.

What Pool Equipment Can You Automate?

While we’ve focused on the basics of pool automation, you can take it even further with the right equipment.

From automated cleaners and skimmers to robotic vacuum systems, various products can be automated to make life around your pool easier:

Pool Heaters

Pool heater on cement blocks with sun shining in the back

Automated pool heaters make it easy to keep the temperature of your pool comfortable and consistent. When you’re not using the pool, it will turn off automatically to save energy.

Hot Tubs

Hot Tub with Fountain Features

Automation goes beyond just pool cleaners and skimmers. Hot tubs can be automated to control the temperature, jet speed, and other settings from your smartphone or tablet. Automation can make it even more convenient if you’re enjoying an evening soak in the hot tub.

Spa Jets, Fountains, Waterfalls

Spe Jet Turned On By Pool Automation System

What if you could control the jets, fountains, and waterfalls in your pool with the touch of a button? Spa automation systems make this possible. With a few taps on your smartphone, you can control everything from the speed and direction of the jets to creating stunning underwater displays.

Pool Lighting

Pool lighting creates a magical atmosphere with the press of a button. Automated lighting systems can be programmed to create unique displays that set the mood and turn your pool into a stunning nighttime paradise.

Pool Pumps

Pool Pump Connected to Pool Automation System

Your pool pump plays an essential role in keeping your pool clean and safe. Automated pumps can turn on and off based on the set schedule, ensuring that your pool is always well-maintained. Once you automate your pool pump, you don’t have to worry about manually turning it on and off.

Pool Covers

Pool covers help protect your pool when it’s not in use. Automated pool covers can be opened and closed with the press of a button, giving you total control over how much sun and water reaches your pool.

Salt Generators on Ozone Generators: Do you want to make your pool water sparkle? Automated salt generators and ozone generators make it easy to maintain the perfect balance of chemicals in your pool.

Pool Cleaner: Automated pool cleaners make it easy to keep your pool looking its best. Some automated cleaners can even map out the shape of the pool and clean each area without you having to lift a finger. And when it’s done, the cleaner will automatically return to its charging station.

What Is The Best Pool Automation Systems 2023?

While the power of automation can be felt across all areas of pool maintenance, not all automation systems are created equal. Here are a few of the best automated pool products available in 2023:

1. Hayward ProLogic Pool Automation System:

This top-of-the-line pool automation system allows you to control your filtration, pumps, lights, and other accessories with the press of a button. The app also offers energy-saving features so you can reduce your electricity bill.

2. Hayward OmniLogic Smart Pool and Spa Control:

Another option from Hayward, this automation system offers the same level of control as the ProLogic but with an easy-to-use interface. It can also adjust the temperature of your spa and pool on-the-fly.

3. Zodiac Remote Pool Management System:

Zodiac is known for its quality pool products and this automation system is no exception. It offers a wide range of features, including easy-to-use programming, scheduling options, and remote access via its mobile app.

4. Chemistry Automation:

With Chemistry Automation, you can easily keep your pool’s pH levels and other chemical parameters at the optimal range. The app also provides graphs and charts, so you can better view how your pool is performing.

5. Jandy AquaLink RS:

This pool automation system offers advanced control over your pool and spa. The app allows you to program functions such as temperature, lights, pumps, and more with the press of a button.

Each of these systems offers a unique set of features and benefits. You can find the right product for your needs from automated cleaners to complete pool control. If you aren’t sure what product to get, consult a pool professional for assistance.

Do You Need WiFi for Pool Automation?

With so much automation, you may wonder if you need to install a WiFi network for your pool. While many automated pool products require a WiFi connection, some don’t. For example, automated cleaners and pumps can be wired directly to the power source and operate without additional connections.

In most cases, however, you will need a WiFi connection for complete control over your home pool automation system. With a strong WiFi network in place, you can access your pool from anywhere in the world. This allows you to turn on and control all of your pool’s features without ever stepping foot outside.

Bluetooth and Z-Wave can also be used in certain situations to control your pool from a distance. With these technologies, you can adjust the settings on your automation system without needing to connect to an external network.

Invest in the Best Pool Automation
With Sublime Pools & Spa

With just a few taps on your smartphone, pool automation systems make it easy to control your pool’s features. From the pump to the lighting, you can have complete control over your pool with just a few clicks.

Additionally, many pool automation systems can be connected to WiFi, giving you access to your pool from anywhere in the world. This allows you to turn on your pool’s features and make adjustments even when you’re not home.

If you are ready to make the switch to automated pool maintenance, Sublime Pools & Spa is here to help. Our team of experienced technicians can install a top-of-the-line automation system in your home pool. We’ll work with you to determine which of the best pool automation systems is right for you and ensure everything is set up correctly.

We offer free quotes for all of automation installation services, so you will know exactly how much it will cost before we begin your project. You can learn more online or reach us at 754-260-7193. You’ll never look back once you switch to automated pool maintenance!

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