Sublime Pool's core values on a lifesaver. Faith, integrity, reliability, and quality.

Our Pool Maintenance Services​

At Sublime Pools & Spa, we offer a wide range of premium customizable pool services to residential and commercial properties. Apart from providing weekly and biweekly pool and spa maintenance, our specialty also revolves around providing honest general swimming pool repair services. Our company takes pride on being a faith-based company that strives to provide top-quality service done with integrity.

Routine maintenance of your swimming pool ensures that it remains in the best condition for years to come. Neglecting the routine care of your swimming pool will inevitably lead to dilapidation and will cause your pool to become murky and faulty.

For commercial properties, that can lead to a health inspector shutting down your swimming pool. If you are looking for a reputable pool maintenance service company that has well-trained professionals to take care of your residential or commercial swimming pools, then look no further. Sublime Pools & Spa has an expert team of professional pool specialists and are founded on Faith, Integrity, Reliability, and Quality.

Underwater photo of a pool taken by Sublime Pools & Spa at a commercial property

Check below to find a wide range of pool maintenance services that Sublime Pools & Spa offers!

Weekly Pool Visits

Pool technician providing pool cleaning service at Sublime Pools & Spa

We are a full-service swimming pool maintenance company, and we offer customizable weekly or bi-weekly pool maintenance visits depending on the what the clients desire. Our experts will handle all of your pool needs every week.

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Full Service

Pool chemicals and filters for a full service job sitting by the poolside

We want to ensure that all of our clients get premium satisfaction from their swimming pools without any maintenance issues. Sublime Pools & Spa have come up with a full maintenance plan for swimming pools that will help to achieve that purpose. Trust our professionals to take care of your swimming pools.

Pool Chemical Service

Pool chemicals being poured into a pool by a technician at Sublime Pools & Spa

When it comes to chemical maintenance, only experienced professionals should take care of that. Sublime Pools & Spa has professional pool technicians that will carry out analysis on the water to get it balanced. This is important to keep swimmers as well as pool equipment safe. We include the chemicals and testing fees in our quote, which means that you can save some money and just pay for chemical balancing.

Full Service (No Vacuum)

Pool technician at Sublime Pools & Spa scrubbing the pool wall

Do you have a problem with getting your pool cleaned regularly? We can provide you with automatic cleaner maintenance services to keep your pool sparkly clean. You can trust Sublime Pools & Spa to provide you with fast, friendly, as well as reliable full-service automatic cleaners pool maintenance.

Chemical Delivery

Selecting pool chemicals for delivery

If you already have a reliable maintenance team working for you, we are happy to provide you with chemical delivery services straight to your doorstep. You can simply reach out to us to make inquiries or schedule a delivery.

Acid Wash

Emptied Pool Preparing for an Acid Wash at Sublime Pools & Spa in Broward County, Florida

A professional swimming pool maintenance company is perfectly equipped to carry out the right kind of acid wash service for your swimming pool. This is down to the fact that acid washing involves the use of very dangerous chemicals that must be handled by professionals alone. Sublime Pools & Spa has over two decades of acid wash experience, and we are willing to come in and give your pool a professional acid wash to restore it back to its glory days.

Chlorine Wash

Pool Technician at sublime pools and spa performing a chlorine wash for a client

Does your swimming pool require a chlorine wash? Not to worry because we are here for you. A chlorine wash can help to ensure that your swimming pool stays blue all throughout the year. Reach out to us for premium chlorine wash services for your swimming pool.

Green Pool Restoration

Green pool receiving chemical shock to balance PH at Sublime Pools & Spa

If your swimming pool has turned green, it is an indication that algae, as well as bacteria, have infested it. You need proper maintenance from the professionals who know how to tackle this situation and get your pool looking blue again. Contact Sublime Pools & Spa immediately you notice that your pool has gone green and watch us restore it.

Due Diligence Report

Pool man inspecting pool to ensure it is clean.

Under contract, homes usually, come to due diligence stages to ensure that everything is in the right condition. Property inspection companies do not possess the expertise to accurately assess the condition of the swimming pool. Sublime Pools & Spa is a professional that can provide you with a detailed assessment. We have provided homeowners and realtors with due diligence reports for many years.

Drain and Clear

Pool Drain and clean to clear hazerdous materials for commercial properties

Constant use will cause your swimming pool to become dirty, and this will put a strain on your filtration system. Sublime Pools & Spa has the experts to restore your pool by providing a drain and clear service once you contact us.

Pool Inspections

Pool technician taking water from a pool to test PH levels

Sublime Pools & Spa is here to provide commercial swimming pool clients with the regular inspection necessary to keep their swimming pools in top condition. Our team of expert inspectors, as well as pool engineers, can thoroughly inspect your pool when needed.

Realtor and Investor Specials

realtor special discount offered by Sublime Pools & Spa

If you are planning on investing in a property, it is important that you ascertain the condition of all the facilities, including the swimming pool. Reach out to us to provide you with our special full assessment and maintenance services for investors and realtors. Request a FREE quote now and get it delivered to you FAST.

Management Company Specials​

Management company discounts that are offered to management companies

Sublime Pools & Spa has partnered with management companies to provide pool maintenance services to different commercial clients. We have successfully worked with management companies to ensure that the pools of their clients remain up to standard. To find out what our special management company pool maintenance services involve, request a quote now and get it delivered to you Fast.

VGBA Saftey Covers

VGBA Saftey covers for pool drains

Inappropriate pool main drains could lead to injuries or death. Sublime Pools & Spa is a VGBA expert, and we will provide you with safety covers that comply with the VGBA Act after carrying out an analysis and review of your existing pool.

Why You Should Hire Our Family to Maintain Your Pools

Sublime Pools & Spa is a pool maintenance full-service expert company that has successfully provided premium maintenance services to both residential and commercial pool owners. We operate on very strong values which set us apart. Our values are FAITH, INTEGRITY, RELIABILITY, AND QUALITY. These values have helped us to continue to remain dedicated and committed over the years. Our INTEGRITY is unmatched, and we always keep to our word.

When You Work With Sublime Pools & Spa, You Get the Following Benefits.

  • We are licensed
  • CPO Certified
  • We are insured
  • We offer competitive pricing
  • We are a family-owned full-service pool service company
  • We provide regular quality checkups to ensure that every project that we execute is done right.
  • We send a supervisor to regularly check on our clients.
  • We assure you of quality, and we continue to keep in touch with customers to ensure their satisfaction with our services.
We offer the most competitive and honest prices. Fill out our Contact Form for a FREE QUOTE  now, or give us a call at (754) 260-7193.


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