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​Chemical Feeders Installation Service

Pools are beautiful assets to a home and are perfect for having your family and friends over on a beautiful summer day! They do, however, require some upkeeping. But what if there were ways to minimize the work pools needed? That’s what chemical feeders are for!

How Does Installing A Pool Feeder Benefit A Commercial Property?

chemical feeder installation for commercial properties

There are many reasons why installing a chemical pool feeder benefits both a private and commercial swimming pools—the most obvious reason being for safety purposes. A good and reliable chemical feeder makes maintenance a lot easier as well as it keeps your pool properly PH’d for anyone who wants to take a swim in it. Here are some of the benefits of Chemical feeders installation in a commercial property.

  • It continually sanitizes your pool in small amounts automatically.
  • This allows zero downtime of pool sessions for your swimmers.
  • It ensures that your pool is properly balanced at all times of the day.
  • It saves the time of having to dump in the chemicals manually.
  • It keeps the pools properly chlorinated and ensures swimmers remain safe.
  • It is required by the Health Department of Florida for all public swimming pools (Section 64E-9.007).
  • A majority of pool accounts fail health inspection tests. Do not trust just any pool man, Trust a detailed-orientated poolman.

Why You Should Hire Sublime Pools & Spa For Your Installation

When it comes to a commercial property’s pool, taking care of them requires extra attention as it used by much more people and children than your average residential pool. At Sublime Pools, we understand the importance of keeping your properties pool water as clean and safe as possible. Chemical feeders, when installed properly, provide much assistance in maintaining pool waters blue and free of algae.

Our Unbeatable Guarantees

We not only have trained professionals who can install your chemical feeders, but we also provide proper maintenance of pool waters of all major renovation and installation services free of charge for one month as part of our guarantee to ensure your pools receive the best service possible.

Neglecting a pool causes a lot of damages, and we have seen too many times in our industry where someone comes in and does a beautiful renovation or pool equipment installation job just to let it get infested with algae overgrowth within one week. This is why we provide post-care free of charge for one month to ensure your pool remains clean. Call us at 954-774-3253 for more details.

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