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Swimming Pool Drain and Clean, Acid Wash, and Chlorine Wash for Restoring your Pools Safety.​

Having algae or any form of debris in your pool can pose a lot of dangers to you, your kids, or any other individual that wants to use your pool. For commercial properties, it is hazardous when glass breaks within a pool because it can cause an injury to a swimmer at any time. This could lead to a lawsuit against the hotel owner. For this reason, it is best to Drain and Clean whenever a pool becomes unsafe to swim in. Whether it is because of broken glass, dirty walls that provide an environment for algae growth, or just to keep maintain your property’s value, drain and clean is the first step to returning your pool to safety.

A discolored pool can also be hazardous. Not only does it prevent visibility limits within a pool, but it also makes rescue impossible in the event of a pool accident. For a situation like this, we offer Acid Washes and Chlorine washes to go with the drain and clean to correct more stubborn stains and algae overgrowth.

Here are the best options to consider when you are looking to restore the safety and beauty of your pool.

Pool Drain and Clean

Pool Drain and clean to clear hazerdous materials for commercial properties

Drain and clean is the first step to properly bringing a pool back to its original safe form. It begins with the emptying of a pool that is followed by a clearing of all dangerous materials such as glass, plastic, and other harmful debris that could pose a potential threat to swimmers. Once a pool is cleaned, it can be followed by a basic wash to restore the beauty and glamour of a pool. If there are stronger stains, it can be followed by an acid wash or a chlorine wash.

Chlorine Wash for Pools

Chlorine wash performed by one of our technicians at Sublime Pools & Spa

A Chloride Wash is also known as chlorine rinse. It is a stronger form of a regular drain and clean and is a perfect option for an algae infested pool that is not being restored by your regular, weekly chemicals. When the pool is drained and cleaned, our pool experts will coat the walls with liquid chlorine and make sure your pool gets cleaned to its best ability. Detail is important. And we pride ourselves in our detailed work.

Acid Wash for Pools

Emptied Pool Preparing for an Acid Wash at Sublime Pools & Spa in Broward County, Florida

An Acid wash for pools is a pool cleaning method that involves the use of a very strong acid known as Muriatic Acid. To achieve this, our technicians combine acid with water. Acid is the strongest form of a pool wash that we can provide and is best for the most stubborn of stains. While this might seem like a straightforward method, it is somewhat intricate and requires proper masking in order to protect yourself from the harmful fumes that the acid releases. It can also cause an injury if a person does not combine the Acid and water properly. This is why it is best to hire a professional pool company that is both licensed and insured to perform all your pool cleaning needs.

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