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Pool Equipment Installation Service

If you are looking to upgrade your swimming pool with new cool features such as installing a salt water generator or a pool automation system, then look no further. Sublime Pools & Spa offers the best equipment installation service in Broward, Florida! 

Learn more about all the different pool equipment installations that our company provides below

Pool Heater Installed by sublime pools & Spa

Pumps & Filters

pool pump installation done by SUblime Pools & Spa

Sublime Pools & Spa is an expert when it comes to the installation of pumps and filters for a wide range of swimming pools. We do not only maintain already existing swimming pool filters, but we specialize in installing all of the best new systems in the market!


Pool Heater Installed by sublime pools & Spa

Leave it to Sublime Pools & Spa to carry out your pool heater installation. We will ensure that you get maximum satisfaction by providing you with a premium heater which comes with a warranty as we deal with only trusted brands.

Salt Systems

How a salt chorine system works chart

The experts know how to convert your swimming pool to a salt water system. This is definitely more economical, and we help our clients to stay updated on the latest tech improvements by helping them make the best choice when it comes to system installations. If you need a natural system of salt water swimming pool that comes with a generator system, reach out to Sublime Pools & Spa today.

Pool Automation

Pool automation system with full control on a cellphone

A swimming pool is highly regarded as an entertainment center. Modern pools today come with automation systems. Have you got your swimming pool automated? A pool automation system is what you need to give your swimming pool that next level appeal. This provides you with added advantages and simplifies the operation of your pool. We are experts when it comes to the installation as well as programming automation. Sublime Pools & Spa will install an automation system that is controlled by phone to eliminate the manual work that is involved in turning valves.

Lights and Led

underwater pool lighting installation by Sublime Pools and Spa

Sublime Pools & Spa boasts more than 20 years worth of experience when it comes to installing fixtures for your swimming pool. This means that your peace of mind is guaranteed. We are installation specialists, and our premium swimming pool services comprise of interior and exterior lighting as well as around the pool lighting. If you need to upgrade your pool lighting, we can help you to get an upgrade and also install underwater LED lighting that comes in a wide range of colors.


Pool timer installation offered by Sublime Pools & Spa

The advantages that a pool timer can have when it comes to your pool pump include energy saving as well as money conservation. These devices are efficient and can help you to save time. If you need to install a timer for your swimming pool, have it replaced, or reset, ensure that only the professionals get to do it. This is where Sublime Pools & Spa comes in. We can help you carry out the installation, calibration, setting, and maintenance of your pool timers.


autofills installation by Sublime Pools & Spa

Your water supply is maintained by auto-fills. They help to regulate the movement of the pool water so that it does not become infested with algae. Sublime Pools & Spa has various auto fills which are designed to match your preferences. We are experts when it comes to installing and monitoring auto-fills.

Vac Lines

installing vac lines into a pool for a vacuum

Pool filters help to ensure that your water stays good and sparkling. However, debris which settles to the floor of your swimming pool or sticks on the walls cannot be removed by the filter. At this point, you need a vacuum cleaning System. When it comes to installing vacuum cleaning systems and vacuum lines, leave it to Sublime Pools & Spa to take care of that as we have been doing this for more than 20 years and always leave our clients satisfied.

Automatic Cleaners Set-Up

automatic pool vacuum cleaning a pool floor

We have a collection of automatic cleaners for swimming pools which ensure that water which passes through them gets used in an efficient manner. This helps the cleaners to perform optimally. Sublime Pools & Spa has a wide range of automatic pool cleaners and can easily set up one for you. From pressure and suction-side models to robots, rest assured that we will help you get the best.

Chemical Feeders

chemical feeder installation for commercial properties

The professionals know everything concerning handling and installing chemical feeders or getting them repaired and replaced. It would be a wrong move to handle the issue all by yourself. Keep in mind that chemicals are quite hazardous and must only be handled by experts who have the right gear and training. Sublime Pools & Spa is trained to work with chemical filters to ensure that your pool continues to perform optimally and satisfactorily.

Why You Should Hire a Swimming Pool Equipment Installation Expert

For many years, we have built a reputation that has helped us to stand out from the competition. We are veteran providers of top-notch pool installation services, and our clients have only positive reviews about us. Our client management Solutions are unmatched, and it would be the right step to have us handle your pool equipment installation project. When you work with a professional swimming pool installation company like Sublime Pools & Spa that is insured and follows the standard code of construction for swimming pools, you avoid dangers such as –

  • Working with inexperienced pool service companies
  • Wasting time and energy and ending up with a failed installation project
  • Wasting valuable money by working with a non-expert
  • Working with a company that has no license or warranty.

At Sublime Pools & Spa, our values, Faith, Integrity, Reliability, and Quality, are what keeps our business afloat! We offer the most competitive and honest prices. Fill out our Contact Form for a FREE QUOTE  now, or give us a call at (754) 260-7193.


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