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Broward LED Pool Light Installation

Sublime Pools & Spa pool light and LED installation services are here to give you the best and top performance services for lights around and in your pool in all of Broward Florida! Giving it a surreal and a rich look is important. There are quite a lot of benefits of having lights in your pool and here at our installation service; we ensure you get the very best!

Can Pool Lights Increase Your Property Value?​

eco-friendly led lights installed by our company and lit at night

People who live in higher-end neighborhoods know that houses with extravagant pools V.S. houses with no pool or a poor pool have a much lower property value in general. Especially if you live in neighborhoods such as Weston, Las Olas, or South West Ranches.  Warm climate states such as Hawaii, Florida, and California are known to have the most beautiful and luxurious pool across the nation. Well-taken cared of Pools in general tend to increase your home market value, and when they have LED pool lights, it makes it more advantageous because of the benefits attached to LED lights.

Here are a few benefits to having LED lights installed:

  • LED bulbs consume a lot less energy than incandescent bulbs (300 or 500 watts V.S. 42 watts).
  • Brings up all the best features of your home at night. Photos are especially important when selling!
  • Custom light patterns.
  • Increases property value since Florida is a state where it is summer all year long.
  • Pool lighting enunciates the architecture of your pool and brings its own appeal as well.
  • Provides safety when swimming at night. You never know when there might be an alligator lurking in the waters!
  • Good for romantic evenings under the sunset.
  • Children LOVE the changing of colors at night.

Just as landscaping and curb appeals are very necessary, pools also go a long way in giving your buyer a first impression and might be a reason they make an offer for your home. According to Dave Ramsey, pools tend to increase the market value of your home as high as 7%! When it comes to real estate and pools, lighting can be everything, so making good use of it is to your advantage!

Why Hire Sublime Pools And Spa

Sublime pools and spa is the best equipment pool installations company for so many reasons. Our team is filled with pool professionals with many years of experience. We also have upfront pricing and are and are licensed and insured in the State of Florida. So you can rest assure that you are working with authorized pool technicians professionals. We also provide a free month of pool service when you do full renovation projects!

If you have monthly pool service with us, we constantly monitor your pool and work we have done at no additional cost! We take pride in providing the best service possible. Hiring the best for your pool shouldn’t be taken for granted. So why not hire sublime pools and spa today?

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