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Salt Water Generator Equipment Installation Service

Keeping your pool sparkling clean and safe for use is a matter of discipline and prestige. Your pool is an extension of your home, lifestyle, and personality. If you want skin-safe, clean, and silky water, installing a salt water generator is the way to go. If you are to install a salt water generator, contact us today for a FREE quote!

What is a Salt Water Generator?

A salt water generator converts your pool from a chlorinated pool to a salt water pool.  

Salt water generators—also called salt water chlorinators, salt chlorinators or salt generators—  use electrolysis to produce chlorine from salt dissolved in your pool.

How does it work?

How a salt chorine system works chart

A salt chlorinator generates chlorine from sodium chloride (salt present in pool salt). Much like a heating system or a filtration system, the pool water passes through the chlorinator. The salt water generator has a cell which separates the chlorine present in the salt. The cell has plates lined with iridium and through the process of electrolysis produces chlorine.

The generator is powered by electricity and the level of salt can be controlled using the control board. The control board provides energy to the cell which then converts the pool salt to chlorine.

Why You Should Install a Salt Water Generator

– When properly maintained, salt water chlorinators can work best anywhere between 3 and 7 years.

– The cell and the board can be replaced individually, as needed.

– Maintenance of the cell is key, neglecting to clean it or cleaning it frequently will cause the cell to die.

Some Other Pros:

✅ The chlorine generated from the salt water generator is softer on the eyes and gentler on the skin. 

✅ Reduces the need for using harsh substances directly. Using a saltwater generator creates less exposure to large quantities of chlorine when being added to the pool or stored.

✅ The level of chlorine generated per session can be adjusted using a button! 

Reduces the need to check pool water chemistry. Using a salt water generator ensures that there’s a consistent amount of chlorine present across the pool. This is because the water passes through the generator making the chlorine presence uniform.

✅ Better for the environment!

Some of the Cons:

Installing a salt water generator can be expensive. But it pays for itself in the long run and can significantly cut down the need for chlorine. 

Salt can be corrosive to metals and other equipment installed underwater. This can be avoided by using materials that are compatible with your salt water pool system. 

The generator requires maintenance by experts and professionals for most malfunctions or issues.


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