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Broward County Diamond Brite Pool Resurfacing​

Sublime pools and spa offers the residents and commercial properties of Broward County the chance to resurface their pools with Diamon Brite. Diamond Brite Renovation is a great way to give your pool a beautiful face-lift.

What is Diamond Brite: Known as one of the most popular form of finishing in pools, Diamond Brite gives a pool a nice sparkling look and is also known for its durability and economical pricing.

The main reason why pools get old is the constant growing of algae spores within the pool. Typically, rain and wind are the most common reasons why algae comes in. The best way to get rid of this algae and to prevent your pool from getting old is by ensuring a proper circulation of water, a filtration system, and proper PH level balance of your swimming pool.

Reasons Why you Should Give your Swimming Pool a Diamond Brite Facelift

Before After Pool getting drained and cleared for preperation for a Diamond Brite Resurfacing job by Sublime Pools & SpaFinal project after a full commercial diamond brite resurfacing job was done by Sublime Pools & Spa

Over a certain period of time, it is normal for a pool to lose its beauty and appearance. Performing a Diamond Brite Facelift will help bring your pool to its original glamour and sparkle.

Main reasons why pool resurfacing is important:

  • Can lead to pool delamination.
  • Can lead to cracking and pool leaks.
  • Property loses its value.
  • Increase of required chemicals to keep pools crystal clear.
  • Higher chemical requirements can result in uncomfortable swimming experiences.
  • Stains become very hard to remove over time.
  • Metal stains are attracted to porous surfaces, causing more stains throughout the pool.

Are There Better Alternatives to Diamond Brite?

Diamond Brite is known for making pools sparkle and its economical pricing. However; there are more options other than Diamond Brite Resurfacing that we can provide.

Other Commonly Resurfacing Materials That we Can Do. Plus Pros and Cons.

Pebble Finishing:

This is a mixture of gypsum and cement mixed with other elements. The use of the pebbles is to make the pool stain resistant and even more durable than Diamond Brite. The con of using Pebble finishing is that it can be a bit more expensive. The pro, however, is that it is the most durable surfacing option, it provides a stain-proof finishing, and it is also growing very rapidly in popularity. Call us today to get a FREE QUOTE!


Pools that are prefabricated are usually re-lined with fiberglass; fiberglass is a polymer that comprises of polyester resins. The cons if Fiberglass surfacing is that they do not last as long as Diamond Brite or Pebble Finishing. It is usually the most economical, but its poor quality and durability is the main reason why many pool users do not choose this form of resurfacing for their pools. We do not perform Fiberglass Resurfacing because we believe pools should be treated as an investment and should increase a property’s value, not diminish it.

Why you Should Trust Sublime Pools and Spa to Resurface your Swimming Pool

We are well-known for our honesty, integrity, and our deep value off of faith. We have over 20 years of experience working with pools. Our company is all about having a good reputation with providing clients with the best pool services in South Florida; we offer an upfront pricing for our services and unbeatable guarantees that are custom-made for each of our clients. So contact us today for a FREE QUOTE!

Sublime Pool's core values on a lifesaver. Faith, integrity, reliability, and quality.

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Other Pool Features Commonly Done Along with Diamond Brite Resurfacing.

Interested in other renovation options that are very popular and commonly done with a pool resurfacing? Here are a few for you that will increase your homes value!

Water Features:

Water features like the waterfall or water fountains can be added to make your pool look like a dream home you always imagined. With this feature, your pool will go from being a regular swimming pool having your own dream mini water park right in your backyard!

Led Lightening Features:

Adding LED lights to your pool will give your pool a glamorous look at night that will make your evening just that more perfect. Not only will it look awesome, but it will also add additional safety to your swimming pool!

Replace Waterline Tile:

By replacing your waterline tile, Sublime Pools and Spa can give your pool the sophisticated look it deserves. We do many types of waterline tile replacement. Give your pool a complete facelift by buying an upgraded waterline tile renovation to go along with your pool resurfacing job!

Automate Your Pools:

This is the best and most advanced feature that can be added to your pool. With push of a button on your mobile device, you can adjust valves for heaters, filtrate, change the rate of temperature, and more!

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