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Broward / Fort Lauderdale Green Pool Restoration

Having your pool turn green can ruin the overall appeal of your pool and make the entirety of your yard look unhealthy. Having a huge family for myself, it is never fun to see a beautiful pool turn green and swampy. A green pool can only mean one thing. That algae has infested your pool and has made your pool their new living space. Consequently, you would have to wash and sanitize your swimming pool before you, or anyone else can use it again. If you have a green pool in your yard, don’t worry, there is an easy and cost-effective fix to your green pool problem.  The easiest fix is a green pool restoration service by our company! 

What to do When Your Pool Turns Green

Green pool receiving chemical shock to balance PH at Sublime Pools & Spa

A green pool restoration the best option for an algae infested and discolored pool. The whole process revolves around restoring the right PH level of your pool. A green pool restoration is a straightforward process, especially when you hire a professional pool company to do it for you. And that is where we come in!

What are the Dangers of Swimming in a Green Pool?

Having an algae infested pool not only make your pool less appealing to the eyes, but it also makes it a dangerous environment for swimmers. A green pool is a crystal clear indication that your swimming pool is the dwelling place for algae, bacteria, and dangerous viruses. Also, it implies that your swimming pool is chlorine deficient and your Pool’s PH levels are not where they should be.  The main reason why your pool is chlorinated is to protect you from germs, bacteria, viruses, and even algae–and swimming in a green pool would expose swimmers to the risk of being infected by these microorganisms.

A balanced PH level functions in a pool is comparable the PH levels of the the human body. A proper PH level makes it difficult for foreign and harmful germs to survive in the body.  If your bodies PH level become to acidic or alkaline, it provides a perfect environment for infectious microbes.

Our Green Pool Restoration Services

While a green pool restoration project might seem like something that you can handle on your own, should be performed by a licensed professional.

Sublime pool and spa is a well-experienced family-owned company with a long list of accomplishment. For more than 20 years, Sublime has been helping clients all over Broward Country with top green pool restoration services. We have the experience and the right set of skill to restore your pool back to its original crystal blue state in no time at all.

Sublime Pool's core values on a lifesaver. Faith, integrity, reliability, and quality.



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