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Is it time to replaster your swimming pool? We can do that for you! Our pool plaster team can have your pool renovated within a week’s timeframe, from beginning to end!

What's Included in Our Pool Plastering Service?

Our pool plastering service includes draining, chiseling away any plaster that has gotten loose, acid wash, bond coating, knocking out pool hallows, adding a new layer of plaster, and more! Get a FREE quote today or speak to our pool renovation specialists to get any answers you are looking for. Want to learn more about pool plastering? Read our extensive blog on our pool plastering process!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pool plastering costs depend on the size of the swimming pool, if it has additional features such as fountains or spas, if they have a lot of hallows, and more. The average cost of a pool plastering job can be anywhere between $4 and $7 per square foot. 

Plastering a swimming pool can take anywhere between 2-7 days depending on the size of the pool, the weather, and the additional features chosen. Rarely does it exceed 10 days. 

It is best to stay away from using salt in the first month of having your pool plaster finish completed. Salt can stain your pool due to it containing anti-caking agents. Sublime Pools & Spa offers a startup pool service to ensure your first month with your new finish results in a a long-lasting swimming pool for years to come.

You can typically expect to swim in your newly replastered swimming pool once the pool is cleaned and the chemicals are balanced. Our technicians will provide you with a more concrete timeframe upon completion of the job, since it will be on a case-to-case scenario.

The first month is the most critical month after any resurfacing or plastering is completed. We recommend that a swimming pool professional takes care of the first month of cleaning to ensure that your swimming pool does not end up stained or damaged.

Why Choose Sublime Pools & Spa:

Sublime Pools & Spa is a Faith-Based pool company, meaning that everything we do, we do it with Integrity, Honesty, and Consistency. We do not EVER charge dishonestly, and our company motto is to live by our values every day.

Here are some reasons why you should hire us: 


  • Prompt & Reliable: With Sublime Pools & Spa, there is nothing you need to worry about when we are cleaning your pool. We will ensure we maintain your pool clean CONSISTENTLY. You don’t have to chase us around to make sure we do our job. We do our job, and we do it well!
  • Professional & Experienced: Our company has over 20 years worth of pool cleaning experience. We treat your pool as if it were our own. Not cutting corners to save time or money here. Just the absolute best pool cleaning and maintenance service!
  • Licensed & Insured: Sublime Pools & Spa is a fully licensed & Insured company. We are certified to provide pool service, repair, and renovation in all of Broward County.
  • No Hidden Fees, EVER: Sublime Pools & Spa will never add or hide any fees associated with a your monthly service. What we charge is what we charge, not buts!
  • Value-Base: Sublime Pools & Spa is a value-based pool company that stands strong on Faith, Reliability, Integrity, and Quality. We will never charge dishonestly and we will always make sure that our work is based on our core values!
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