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Pool Motor Repair

Arguably the most important component of your swimming pool accessories is the pool motor. The pool motor is the heart of your swimming pool’s circulation system. There are a few things to watch out for and fix when your pool motor stops working. If you are looking for pool motor repair service, contact us today for a FREE quote!

What do Pool Motors do:

Pool Pump part breakdown diagram

Pool motors help pump water from the water source to your pool. They power the pump, your heating system, and other filtration systems you may have in place. To have a clean and sparkly pool, the motor is essential. If you have a malfunctioning or broken motor, you risk turning your pool into something murky and unhygienic.

Symptoms of a Damaged Pool Motor

Are they showing signs of water damage?

Motors, when exposed to water or rain can short out. This is because of the moisture that gets settled on the windings. This usually happens if the lid and filter are removed. A relatively well-maintained and serviced motor can be restored if dried properly for 24 hours at least.

Are There Noises Coming from the Motor?

Humming noises: 

If your pool motor is making low humming noises but not starting, it could mean that the capacitor is not working properly. A capacitor is the energy source, much like a battery, that helps the motor jump start into spinning. It stores small amounts of energy to help the motor start when switched on. If the capacitor is broken, you may hear the motor humming but it won’t start. 

Loud noises: 

If your pool motor or pump is making rumbly noises, like that of stones being ground, it is because it is running low on water. This is called cavitation, it happens when the pump doesn’t receive water quick enough. Sublime pools can help repair the pool motor by checking for a clog or a closed valve, or sometimes repairing the impeller.


Is your Motor Overheated?

Working but Shutting Off:

This is a common problem in areas that experience harsh summers, like Florida. Motors require a constantly high supply of electricity to function properly. If your pool motor starts fine but shuts down after a while, it could be because of a shortage in power. We can fix the motor and suggest ways to improve its functioning based on your needs.

Tips for Extending your Pool Motor Life:

Keep Motor Away From Moisture:

When installing your pool motor make sure that it’s placed in a well-aired place away from plumbing or leaky pipes. The motor will have an extended life if stored in a place protected from rain, or moisture or wetness prone floor or walls, and away from areas that are near the pool to avoid splashes.

Cleaning with Caution:

The motor should be protected from dust and debris. Try not to sweep or dust near the motor. 

It is not advisable to clean the motor or its insides with water. The safest way to clean the motor is using a damp cloth on the exterior of the pool motor. Do not use harsh chemicals to clean the motor.


Why Choose Sublime Pools & Spa for Repair:

With over 20+ years’ experience in the swimming pool repair and maintenance industry, Sublime Pools and Spa prides itself on its competitive pricing and licensed servicing practices. We strive to provide you with the best alternatives, services and installations. 

We at Sublime Pools and Spa understand the investment and pride attached to your swimming pool and try to help maintain and reduce the need for a replacement of a robust unit that’s causing you trouble. Call us or Visit our Website for a Free Quote Now!

Sublime Pool's core values on a lifesaver. Faith, integrity, reliability, and quality.



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