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How to Prepare Your Pool for a Hurricane, and How to Restore it After a Hurricane.

With hurricane Dorian RIGHT around the corner, one of the last things on our minds is probably how we are going to keep our pools clean. Hopefully, the hurricane does not hit, and we can disregard this whole post all together. If it does, then hopefully this post can help you restore your pool back to its pristine condition. 

Before we get into what we have to do, make sure that you, or any swimming pool company that you hire does NOT do any of the following before or after the hurricane!

Thing NOT to do When Prepping Your Pool for a Hurricane.

Do NOT drain your pool! But DO Drain a FEW inches.

Don't GIF

Seems like common sense to drain your pool water and replace it with new, clean water, right? Not really. This is why. When you drain the pool, because of the continual rain from the hurricane, it can cause your pool to just “pop up” from under when the water is drained. This can cause massive damage and can also be costly to repair. So whatever you do, DO NOT DRAIN YOUR WATER. It is the only thing keeping your pool from floating out of place! A good goal is to drain your pool three to five inches, however.

Do NOT Drain Your Pool Equipment!

Simpson can you repeat gif

The weight of the water in the pool equipment just might be what keeps it in place, just like your pool! If you want to ensure your investment does not simply fly away like Aladdin’s magic carpet, then there are a few additional things you can do such as drilling the tabs that most pool pumps have to the concrete floor!

Do NOT Cover the Pool!

Simpson Bashing head against bar from frustration

Though it might seem like a really good idea, a pool cover is actually very delicate compared to flying tree branches, zooming rocks, and the 150+ mph wind that hurricanes can easily bring. Pool covers can be blown off or ripped without much effort from a hurricane, so don’t try it!

Do NOT put your furniture in your pool!

Furniture in pool for hurricane preperation

If you thought that draining your pool and stuffing your furniture from your hotel or home into the pool while covering it with a plastic pool cover was a good idea, it is not. Along with the reasons above, stuffing furniture into your pool would be considered the cherry on the top. When your pool cover flies off, because chances are they will, the furniture sitting within your pool will begin to whirl around and cause damage to both your pool and your furniture. Flooding can also make it even worse. So it’s best if you scratch that off from your list as well.

Do NOT Swim in Your Pool!

Person jumping into ocean during a Storm Gif

This is pretty obvious, but just in case, for those who have an adventure bone or two within their body, just think about all the water that falls into your pool while the hurricane passes. Water from the sewer (and we know what water sits in those sewers), water from lakes & canals, and water from the ocean that came from who knows where! So the point is, do not swim in your pool during a hurricane if you would not swim in the back of your canal 🙂

Do NOT Hire an Incompetent Pool Technician!

Gordon Ramsey shaking head

Especially if he suggests any of the above that we recommend NOT to do, that is a HUGE sign that you might be with a pool company that is not up to verse with how to properly secure a pool during a hurricane. If you want professional help, contact us HERE or give us a call at 754-260-7193.

Okay so enough of what you cannot do. Here are things you SHOULD do.

Thing You SHOULD do When Prepping Your Pool for a Hurricane​.​

DO Secure All Items Out in the Pool Area.

flying to hits head gif

Toys, pool poles, lifesavers, etc – all should be stored within your property. Bring in EVERYTHING that is not bolted down into cement and could become a flying projectile hazard for you or your home.

DO Shut off the Filter Pump at the Breaker and the Gas Supply at the Meter. ​

Safety First

If you think there might be flooding, reinstall the pump four feet higher so that the flooding won’t damage your pool pump. You can use a cinder block to accomplish this. Also check for proper drainage and flow around your filter pump. Another alternative is to take the whole pump inside! (PLEASE ensure the power is off from the breaker box and time clock before doing this) You can do this by cutting the piping and gluing on two unions and disconnecting the necessary wires. Bam, pool pump secured (hopefully you store it within a home and not a shed).

DO Turn Off Power

Cat turning off power by jumping GIF

In the main electrical panel, all circuit breakers should be turned off. Pool equipment such as pump motors, pool lighting, chlorinators, and heaters should also be turned off not left operating during the storm.

DO Add Extra Chlorine to the Pool

Chlorine Into Pool

To prevent bacterial infestation from flooding and excessive storm water, do a mini pool shock. To quickly eliminate any organic contaminants that might enter your pool during the hurricane, it’s also not a bad idea to add a large dose of pool algaecide.

Don’t Forget to Remove the Little Guys!

A person is a person gif

After you have secured all the above, if you still have time, remove all loose items from the pool area, including filter housetops, filter lids, pool cleaners, anything that floats within the pool like toys, etc. to ensure your pool has achieved maximum hurricane protection.

So how do you restore a pool properly after a storm? You did not think we would keep that as a secret from you, did you?

Steps to Properly Clean a Pool After a Hurricane.

1). Contact the Experts.

If you have a pool company like ours that maintains your pool on a weekly basis, contact them to see what recommendations they can give you according to your type of pool and discuss when they can fit you in their schedule. Chances are that they might be occupied cleaning government and public areas and also have more than a handful of pools that need cleaning. 

If you want to speak to a representative right now to see their schedule, contact us HERE, or give us a call at 754-260-7193. We service pools from Broward County to certain parts of Palm Beach County and Miami.

It might also be a good time to find some work on the weekends if you are trying to make some money. I remember the last hurricane there were not enough companies to clean up the mess the hurricane caused.

2). Start by Cleaning the Debris.

Attempt to clean out as much debris that you physically can without going into the water. Next begin to clean the main drains, skimmer, pump baskets etc.

3). Clean Pump Strainer and Skimmer Baskets

Before you test your pool equipment or running your filtration system, it is best practice to clean out your pump strainer and skimmer baskets. These most likely will have a good amount of debris clogging up your water flow.

4). Test if Your Equipment Works.

Please be careful for this step or contact a pool professional as it could be dangerous. Go to your pool equipment’s breakers and turn them all off. Then go into your home’s breaker box and reset your pool breakers that may have tripped. If the breaker DOES NOT reset, call an electrician or contact us at Sublime Pools & Spa if you live in South Florida.

If your home’s main breaker resets properly, walk to your pool equipment carefully and slowly, one by one, reset your equipment’s breakers to see if the equipment is working properly. 

(If you did not read this blog before the hurricane and you left your pool equipment on during the storm, I am sorry, we tried. There is a chance that your equipment might have sucked up a tremendous amount of mud and debris and POSSIBLY have burned out, yikes). 

If you did do everything right and all is perfect in paradise, monitor the water to make sure it starts flowing through the pumps as it is intended to.

5). Check the Pressure Gauge on Your Filters.

If the gauge is close to or over 30 psi, turn off your equipment and clean your filters again. Once cleaned the pressure should be lower.

6). SHOCK That Bad Boy!

Shock GIF

You can get pool shock from your local pool supply store. Alternatively, you can call us at 754-260-7193 and we can shock the pool for you! The Standard pool dose is 1# of Dichlor-Shock per 10,000 gallons of water. Because of the high risk of contaminants, we recommend you double that dose. Refrain from using the pool for at least 48 hours, not that you would want to anyways…

7). Run Your Equipment for 24 Hours.

Run your pool equipment for 24 hours a day until the water returns to its normal clear state. Continue to monitor the pressure in the filter.  If it gets to 30 psi again clean or backwash your filter.

8). Backwash Your Filter When Necessary.

If you use a DE filter, now is probably the perfect time to replace the DE filter media. If you use a cartridge filter, it is good practice to clean when needed or replace them.

9). Brush Your Pool.

Brush pool two to three times daily to move dirt into rotation and further allow your pool filtration system to do its job.

10). Vacuum Daily.

Everyday Im Vacumming

It speeds up the cleansing process when you run your vacuum every day. Though it might not seem like it will, it does help restore your pool a tad quicker. Especially if it’s REALLY dirty.

11). Not Working After You Followed This Guide?

Frustrated Kid Gif

Some pools require special treatment since every pool is unique. If you want our professional technicians to come and restore your pool, give us a call at 754-260-7193 or fill out our form below. We can make sure your pool gets cleaned as quickly and effectively as possible. We know how important it is to have your pool open-especially for commercial accounts or Airbnb’s

12). Once Everything Looks Done, DOUBLE CHECK!

Warning GIF

WARNING : Despite chlorine being a powerful sanitizer for your pool, annoying organisms like cryptosporidium and E-Coli have been found to be resistant to chlorine and could be dangerous to your family’s health. Sublime Pools & Spa highly recommends that if flooding occurs, that you use strong products such as, Sea Klear PRS stage 1 and 2, which can help trap germs in your filter. Flood water, dead animals, sewage water, canal water, and storm water all pose a threat to your family’s safety. If you want that extra security, use one of these products or contact our licensed and insured professionals so we can ensure you pass all inspection points necessary for a safe swim. There are also bacteria test strips you can buy online or from local pool supply store. We HIGHLY recommend double checking for your Family’s safety.

Extra Note:

1). If tablet feeder is installed, fill chlorine tablet feeder.

2). You are more than likely going to need calcium to prevent damage to your pool plaster. This is because soft rain water might have affected your water hardness.

3). Because of the diluted pool water, it is recommended to use chlorine tablets to ensure a clean pool. If your local pool store recommends it, they are not trying to upsell you, but ensure you do it right.

4). Monitor the pressure on the filter and backwash anytime the pressure exceeds 10 numbers higher than the normal pressure.   

Good luck and safe swimming.

NOTE: *This is a suggested list of steps to help you with your swimming pool after a hurricane. It is, however, not an answer that fits every problem, and every pool should be cleaned professionally by its specific requirements. Following the suggestions above is something you choose to do from your own free will, and Sublime Pools & Spa cannot be held responsible from any damages. We recommend that you contact a local pool professional for a proper pool restoration. 

Do Not Forget to Reach Out for Help!

Contact Your Local Broward Pool Professionals for a FREE Quote and Unbeatable Guarantees!

If you live in Broward County, Sublime Pools & Spa can run all of these diagnostics for you to ensure you choose the best option for your swimming pool. We service pools in Fort Lauderdale, Weston, Sunrise, Coral Springs, Davie, and many other local cities in South Florida. Call us today for a free quote at 754-260-7193. We take pride in our unbeatable guarantees and our values that keep our company afloat!

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