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Leak Detection Fort Lauderdale

Sublime Pools & Spa offers top-rated pool leak detection services in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Our leak detection company provides leak detection services to both commercial and residential properties located in Fort Lauderdale. Our leak detection experts have successfully fixed over 300+ swimming pool leaks and counting. Trust our top-tier lead detection experts in Fort Lauderdale to fix your swimming pool and get it back up and running! 

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Why Trust Our Leak Detection Company in Fort Lauderdale?

Is your pool losing its water faster than you can keep it filled? Or maybe there is a stubborn leak you can’t seem to patch? Don’t let a hidden leak drain your wallet and ruin your backyard oasis. Our elite leak detection company in Fort Lauderdale is here to save the day – or rather, your pool!

Here’s why you should trust our Fort Lauderdale leak-finding specialists:

Leak Hunting Veterans: We’ve spent years honing our skills, tracking down leaks in pools of all shapes, sizes, and materials. No leak is too tricky for our seasoned veterans.

Tech-Powered Precision: We’re not just armed with buckets and listening ears. We wield cutting-edge technology like acoustic equipment, thermal imaging, and tracer gases to pinpoint leaks with pinpoint accuracy.

No Digging Disaster Zones: Forget messy excavation that tears up your yard. Our advanced methods let us pinpoint leaks minimally invasively, saving you time, money, and landscaping woes.

We Are Local to Fort Lauderdale: We know the local plumbing quirks and the tricks Fort Lauderdale’s unique soil likes to play on your pool. Our local expertise gives us an edge in finding those sneaky leaks.

Crystal-Clear Communication: We understand your anxiety about a leaky pool. We work swiftly to locate the culprit and keep you informed every step of the way with clear explanations and honest repair options.

From Leaks to Repairs: We’re not just leak finders, we’re fixers too! Once we locate the leak, our skilled technicians can provide expert repairs to get your pool back to its healthy, happy self.

Your Trusted Fort Lauderdale Partner: We’re not just a service, we’re your neighbor. We’re a local company dedicated to building trust and providing top-notch leak detection services to our Fort Lauderdale community.

Ready to say goodbye to leaks? Contact us today for a free leak detection consultation. We’ll dive deep into your pool’s secrets and uncover the truth about its water loss. Let’s restore your backyard oasis to its sparkling glory, together!

Signs You Need A Leak Detection Company

Pool repairman fixing leaking light in swimming pool located in Fort Lauderdale

If you are looking for the best leak detection company in Fort Lauderdale, look no further! Sublime Pools & Spa is a master leak detection company with years of experience! 

Sublime Pools & Spa can help with what you searched for: Leak Detection Fort Lauderdale

Wondering how to know if you have a leak? Below is a list of signs that you may have a pool leak!

  • Visual inspection may reveal simple faults such as an O-ring that is faulty.
  • The presence of uneven grass, as well as soft spots, might indicate underground leaks.
  • Your swimming pool loses over 1/4″ of water daily.
  • You notice a hike in your water bills. Having an automated fill device which runs constantly means that you are likely experiencing a leak.
  • Water discoloration, as well as significant growth of algae, is an indicator of water chemistry in balance.
  • Fluctuations in the rate of chemical consumption.
  • Pool cement begins to crack, or the tiles come loose and begin to fall apart.
  • Your swimming pool begins to settle into the ground
  • Gurgling sounds that are quite mysterious.
  • You begin to experience water corrosion around pipes as well as at the pump.

Trust our pool Leak Detection Experts in Fort Lauderdale to fix your swimming pool nightmares!

Sublime Pool's core values on a lifesaver. Faith, integrity, reliability, and quality.



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